AUTO SHINE ( 5LTR | 25 LTR | 200 LTR)

General Characteristics:

AUTOSHINE is a concentrated liquid polish designed for use in automated car washes. It greatly decreases drying time for washed cars and is able to accelerate rinsing.  It is achieved through improved beading of rinse water and provides excellent luster to car finishes. It also reduces towel needs for drying and helps to protect the paint finish.

Usage and applications:

The use of AUTOSHINE is recommended only for auto wash systems.
AUTOSHINE is to be dosed at the rate of 50 to 150 ml of polish per car.  It is not recommended to pre-dilute the product.

Appearance: Clear brown liquid

Odour: Characteristic


Available Packaging
1 5 LTR 4×5 LTR
2 25 LTR 4×25 LTR
 3 200 LTR  4×200 LTR