General Characteristics:

CAR SHAMPOO is a highly concentrated blend of surfactants suitable for vehicle washing operations. The detergent can be used manually or in auto car wash systems.

CAR SHAMPOO, even though being concentrated goes into solution instantly and has excellent properties of removal of dirt, carbon deposits, oily and greasy deposits from vehicle bodies.

CAR SHAMPOOis pleasantly perfumed and it is perfectly safe on the vehicle body in all concentrations and dilutions.

Usage and applications:

CAR SHAMPOO can be used for all types of manual washing of vehicles. It can be used in the auto car wash systems.For manual car washing AUTO WASH can be diluted 1 : 5 upto 1 : 10 depending on the condition of the vehicle body. Moderate scrubbing and rinsing after application will give very clean surfaces.

Appearance: Green viscous liquid


Available Packaging
1 20 LTR
2 200 LTR