ENGINEGARD 35% ( 200 LTR )

General Characteristics:

ENGINE GARD 35% is a ready to use radiator coolant based on mono ethylene glycol and special additives which provide all round protection for alloys used in cooling systems of automobiles, including aluminium.
ENGINE GARD 35% is a ready to use system for protecting radiators and other cooling systems.  The concentration is about 35% by weight and it prevents the formation of rust and scale, increases cooling system efficiency and reduces corrosion.  The product is safe to rubber hoses and is ideal for all automobiles.  It protects the cooling system from frost damage, over boiling corrosion and scale deposits.

Usage and applications:

ENGINE GARD 35%  can be used in all types of engine cooling systems.
ENGINE GARD 35% can be used neat or diluted 1:4 with pure demineralised water depending upon the climatic conditions.  The cooling system has to be first drained and thoroughly rinsed with clean water.  The coolant is then added followed by demineralised water, if it is to be diluted.  After toppling up, the engine is started for a few minutes.  Periodical top up can be done with pure demineralised water.

Appearance: Fluorescent green liquid


Available Packaging
1 4 LTR