General Characteristic :

Tyre Polish is a multi-purpose water based non-viscous silicone emulsion used primarily for polishing tyre and to restore its original look. This product may also be used for enhancing and protecting vehicle trim and components against harmful UV rays.

Features :

Non-oily and anti-static, Tyre Polish can also be used on rubber, leather, vinyl, plastic and on dashboards.
Tyre Polish provides a long lasting, rich, “Fresh-Rubber” look for the tyres, and gives plastic and leather parts a rich sheen.
It simultaneously improves the appearance of the tyres and maintains and protects them from cracking, premature aging, brown discolouration and colour bleaching. It improves the appearance of the vehicle and gives it a finishing touch.

Product Benefits

• Cleans and protect tyres.
• Non-Oily
• Does not drip or “run” if used properly
• Provides a rich “Fresh-Rubber” look for tyres.
• Stops tyres from prematurely aging and cracking.
• Can be applied by spray for easy & even coverage
• Economical, quick & easy to use

Specifications :

Appearance : White Emulsion
Density at : 20°C, kg/L 0.98 – 1
Viscosity : (Outflow time @ 20°C, ISO 2431/6mm) > 60 Seconds
pH : 7.0 (Neutral)

Area of applications :

Tyre Polish is suitable for all types of tyres, is easy to apply and can last for several days depending on service conditions.

Method of Application and Dilution

Tyre Polish can be applied by spray, brush, sponge or cloth.

 Decant product into a suitable container for application.
 Spray, wipe, paint, apply an even coat over the outside of the tyre.
 Wipe any excess from wheels or hub caps.
 Apply moderately for a rich matte finish on tyre
 Apply more coats if a shiny finish is desired.

Please note: Avoid spraying directly onto brake discs or brake pads

Safety Precautions :

In case of eye contact, flush with water.
In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water.
In case of ingestion, give plenty of water and seek medical attention.

Packing :

Tyre Polish is available in 5 Ltr, 20 Ltr & 200 Ltr packing.