General Characteristics:

Gardeni Biogard is a disinfectant cum detergent to be used in the food industry.


Gardenia Biogard is active against both gram positive and gram negative micro organisms. It incorporates special ingredients to greatly resistant pseudomonas organism (gram negative organisms).

The surface actively of Gardenia Biogard is such that it is ideal for penetration, emulsification and dispersion of most food soils with high residual sanitation effect.

Gardenia Biogard is nonperfumed and odourless. Its deodourising properties in all area are due to chemical disinfection.

Gardenia Biogard does not mask odours but it removes odours due to its high disinfecting properties.

Gardenia Biogard at recommended use dilutions will not taint metal. Disinfection with low mammalian toxicity is the exceptional feature of Biogard.

Usage and applications:

Gardenia Biogard is designed to be highly efficient and safe on floors, walls, ceilings and equipment in catering and food industries where combined cleaning and sanitizing is required. It can also be used in hospitals.

Gardenia Biogard works well with cold water but it effectiveness can be enhanced by diluting it with hot water. for light duty cleaning such as floor scrubbing, wall and general cleaning 1:30 upto 1:50 dilution would be ideal. For heavy soils and areas of heavy contamination 1: 10 upto 1: 80 dilution depending on the severity of the situation.


  • Clear orange coloured odourles


Available Packaging
1 5 LTR Can