GARDENIA RINSIT ( Rinsit Aid agent for dish washing machines )

General Characteristics:

GARDENIA RINSIT is a low foaming detergent which when added to the final rinse cycle of a mechanical glass or dish washing machine promotes rapid shedding of water from washed articles, resulting in fast, streak free drying and no water spotting. RINSIT is equally effective with hard or soft water.  It is ideal for use in hard water areas where spotting presents an unsightly problem with possible harbouring of germs.  The washed articles dry odour free.  GARDENIA RINSIT when mixed with water at the right temperature, rapidly lowers the surface tension of water, allowing it to sheet off and carry the hard water salts into solution.  After rinsing thee will be a minute quantity of water evenly distributed on the dinner ware or glass ware, thus eliminating spotting during the drying operation.  The use of RINSIT eliminates the need for manual toweling thus saving on time labour and eliminating the possibility of cross infection by substandard toweling.

Usage and applications:

GARDENIA RINSIT can be used in all types of glass and dish washing machines in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, clubs, canteens, and other catering establishments.  GARDENIA RINSIT eliminates spotting and streaking as the articles dry.

Method of application and dilution :

GARDENIA RINSIT is always to be used neat.  The actual dilution takes place in the machine itself as only minute quantities of detergent are dosed into the machines.  Besides these built-in devices there are several precision feeding devices for automatic dispensing of the rinse additive into dish washing machines and glass washers.

Appearance : Light blue, clear, thin liquid


Available Packaging
1 20 LTR Can