GARDENIA HYDET ( Concentrated detergent for industrial dish )

General Characteristics:

GARDENIA HYDET is an alkaline detergent, specifically formulated for use in industrial dish washing and glass washing machines.  Its high sequestering properties make it equally effective in both soft and hard water areas.  It provides maximum stain and scale control in dish washing machines and dish ware.  However, dish washing machines already in use should be acid desealed prior to use of HYDET.  The continued use of this product will minimize future descaling and destaining operations in the dish washer.

Usage and applications:

GARDENIA HYDET can be used in all types of industrial dish washing machines in hospitals restaurants, hotels, canteens, schools, clubs and other catering establishments.  Glass ware, cutlery and crockery come out brilliant stain free condition.  However, for plastics it has to be checked whether the article is “dish washer safe”.  GARDENIA HYDET will give good result if used along with the rinse additive ‘RINSIT’.

GARDENIA HYDET can be used in industrial dish washers with an in-built automatic dispensing device or on manual feeding machines with detergent concentration controller.

The use concentration of HYDET are dependent on several factors such as condition and state of dirty dishes, prescraping operation, water pressure, water temperature, wash time cycle and water hardness.

Optimum dosages are about 1 – 2 ml per liter of dish washer slightly higher dosages are required for low pressure machines and in areas where water hardness is more than 100 ppm.

Appearance:  Clear water like liquid


Available Packaging
1 20 LTR Can