MIRRIORSHINE – Floor Sealer and Polish

General characteristics :

MIRRORSHINE is a faintly perfumed milky white emulsion with high solids content which on drying after application restores to a hard glossy surface. It can be maintained by wet cleaning or light duty buffing.

Features :

MIRRORSHINE provides a colourless, shiny film on drying that does not discolour. Unique leveling qualities enable fast application and the finish is resistant to cleaning.

MIRRORSHINE provides a cross linked acrylic sealer finish with excellent covering power and gives maximum wear resistance with high gloss.

When laid on surfaces it provides a safe non-slip film that has excellent resistance to blackheel and scuff marks.

Specifications :

Appearance : Faintly perfumed milky white emulsion
Sp. Gr. At 25 deg C : 1.01 + 0.01
Viscosity at 20 deg C : 5 cps + 1 cps
pH : Neutral

Areas of application :

MIRRORSHINE is suitable for various floor surfaces including terrazzo and PVC tiles, linoleum, rubber tiles and sealed surfaces of wood.

Method of application and dilution :

MIRRORSHINE is to be used neat. The floor surface is to be thoroughly cleaned and stripped using “FLOOR STRIPPER’ as indicated in ‘FLOOR STRIPPER’ are removed and that the floor is dry before application of MIRRORSHINE

The first coat of MIRRORSHINE shall be applied with clean mop or sponge taking care that no foaming occurs, in one direction. After complete drying another coat should be applied, in a direction, perpendicular to the initial coat. The number of coats can be determined depending in the shine required. But in general two or three coats would give desirable results.

For routine maintenance wash the floor with water, dry and apply a single coat of MIRRORSHINE

Safety precautions :


MIRRORSHINE is generally safe on hands. However prolonged skin contact may cause minor irritation in persons whose skin is sensitive.

In case of splashes onto eyes flood thoroughly with water.

In case of ingestion give plenty of eater and seek medical attention.

Customers are requested not to reuse empty containers and dispose them promptly.

Packing :

MIRRORSHINE is available in 5 ltr cans packed four in a carton.