CLEANSWIFT – High foaming carpet shampoo

General characteristics :

CLEANSWIFT – Carpet Shampoo is a pleasantly perfumed aqueous anonic and nonionics surfactant blend specially suitable for the cleaning of carpets and upholstery.

Features :

CLEANSWIFT Carpet Shampoo foams profusely producing a stable close pore dry foam. It can be used for the restoration of woven or tufted fabrics.
CLEANSWIFT Carpet Shampoo possesses excellent cleaning properties. It imparts a fresh and new look to carpets especially in heavy traffic areas. The coupling solvents formulated into CLEANSWIFT Carpet Shampoo help in the quick drying of the foam generated by the carpet shampooing machine. CLEANSWIFT Carpet Shampoo is a highly concentrated detergent and is economical. The deep cleaning foam generated dissolves and lifts out dirt. It dries in a very short time and works on colour fast wool and synthetics. However, it is advised to test the colour fastness of the material before use of CLEANSWIFT Carpet Shampoo for safety reasons.

Specifications :

Appearance : Perfumed clear liquid 25 deg C : 1.01 + 0.01
Viscosity at 25 deg C
(UL adaptor, S00, 100 rpm
Brookfield viscometer) : 3.5 cps + 0.2 cps
pH : 8.0 + 0.5

Areas of application :

CLEANSWIFT Carpet Shampoo can be used for the effective cleaning of all types of carpets in offices, apartments, private residence, etc.

Method of application and dilution :

It is recommended to thoroughly vacuum the carpet with the help of a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner before application.
If any spots are present on the carpet it is better to first try and clean the soiled areas. Later on the entire carpet can be cleaned with CLEANSWIFT Carpet Shampoo.
For moderate soiling 1:5 upto 1:10 with clean water will be ideal.

Safety precautions :

CLEANSWIFT Carpet Shampoo is mildly alkaline and skin contact should be avoided. The use of gloves and eye glasses are recommended.
If eye contact occurs, flood the eye with cleaned cool water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.
If ingested, give plenty of water and seek medical advice.
Spillages of CLEANSWIFT Carpet Shampoo should be flushed thoroughly with water as even dilute solutions CLEANSWIFT Carpet Shampoo are slippery.
As far as possible avoid spillages of neat product on the carpet directly.

Packing :

CLEANSWIFT Carpet Shampoo is available in 5 ltr cans packed four in a carton