General Characteristics :

SANICLEAN is an acidic liquid suitable for cleaning and removal of stains on toilet bowls and ceramic tiled floors in wash rooms. The finely balanced blend of organic acids and surfactants, along with a quaternary ammonium compound helps easy and efficient cleaning of the most stubborn stains frequently encountered in neglected washroom areas.

Features :

SANICLEAN contains some mineral acid. As SANICLEAN is concentrated, cleaning is quick and tedious scrubbing can be avoided.

Specifications :

Appearance : Opaque white liquid 20 deg C : 1.05 + 0.01
Viscosity at 20 deg C : 20 cps + 5 cps
pH : Highly acidic.

Areas of Application:

SANICLEAN is highly effective in the cleaning of toilet bowls, drains, urinals and lavatories. It can be effectively used to clean floors in washrooms.

A method of Application:

SANICLEAN can be at its best when used neat. The cleaner can be either sprayed or poured onto the bowl. Gentle brushing after about 10 minutes, followed by flushing will leave the bowl spotlessly clean.

For cleaning floors, it is ideal to dilute SANICLEAN 1 : 5 upto 1 : 10 with clean water. Detergent can be applied on the floor followed by a rinse after 15 minutes. The detergent has to be used neat for removal of stains.

Packing :

SANICLEAN is available in 5 LTR jerry can be packed 4 in a carton