Gardenia Alkaline Booster ( 5 LTR )

General Characteristics:

Gardenia Alkaline Booster is a liquid alkali builder/booster containing alkaline ingredients and NTA (water hardness binder) for use in soft water.


Gardenia Alkaline Booster is an effective alkali builder/booster, which is based on a balanced blend of alkalies and water hardness sequestering agents.

The booster system ensures low water hardness ion concentration and consequently prevents precipitation of detergent components and graying of fabric.

It is applied in conjunction with a surfactant booster. These products, combined with bleach, offer a powerful system, which may be used for cleaning linen from hotels, hospitals, and other industries.

When combined with the main wash detergent, Gardenia Alkaline Booster enhances soil removal from heavily soiled wash goods by affecting the soil-fibre interaction as well as by saponification of fatty soil.


Combined with the main wash detergent (Trend):

• Improves soil removal; especially food (protein) and fat stains (e.g. restaurant- and kitchen linen)

• Counters graying of linen; stabilize soil particles in the wash liquor

• Improves wash performance by affecting soil-fibre interaction (swelling)

• Prevents yellowing of linen


Appearance : Colourless liquid

pH : [1% solution] 12.8

Relative density [20°C] : 1.30

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.