Oxy Bleach Brite Plus ( 5 LTR )

General characteristics :

Oxy Bleach Brite Plus is used for bleaching stains from coloured clothes. It is not suitable for removing blood stains from the fabrics. It is used in the main wash to release oxygen from 70 – 90 oC. The optimum temperature to release oxygen is 90 oC. It is suitable for removing stains like lipstick, henna, wine and juices from the clothes.

Specifications :
Clear liquid with characteristics smell
Specific Gravity at 20oC : 1.11
pH of 1% solution at 25oC : 6 – 7

How to use Oxy Bleach Brite Plus

Oxy Bleach Brite Plus is an effective bleach when applied above 80o C. at lower temperature it is less effective. It should be applied at a pH between 9.5 – 10.5 of the wash liquor, ideally around 10. If applied above 10.7 and at high temperature it becomes very aggressive resulting in excessive chemical damage of natural fibres like cotton. For using at lower temperature pH should be maintained between 11 – 11.7. Dose 20 ml – 35 ml per 10 kg of wash load in the main wash. It should be used with built soap or detergent to maintain pH above 10.5. Bleaching should be carried out between temperature 70 – 90o C.

Safety & Instructions

Oxidizing – May Cause Fire
Causes burns
Contains Hydrogen peroxide UN 2014
• Incase of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately
• In case of skin contact wash immediately with plenty of water
• Wear suitable clothing, eye/face protection along with nose mask
• In case of accident or if you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately
(show the label where possible)
• Do not inhale fumes
For more details consult Material Safety Data Sheet

Why use Oxy Bleach Brite Plus
• Concentrated and economical to use
• Safe to use on all types of fabrics, whether coloured or white
• Free rinsing
• Suitable for both soft water and hard water
• Does not damage the fabric due to accidental spillage
• Environmental friendly


Oxy Bleach Brite Plus should be stored in its original container at cool place away from sunlight.

Packing :

Oxy Bleach Brite Plus is available in 25 ltr can.

NOTE : Use this information sheet only as a guide for the use of this product. The information provided is in accordance with the latest technical developments. We do not accept responsibility for any work carried out with this product as we have no control over the method of application used or the conditions at which the work was done.