General Characteristics:

AqBON is a powerful, environmentally friendly all purpose and broad spectrum disinfectant. It works effectively as a surface, air and water disinfectant. It’s unique formula is based on hydrogen peroxide in a stabilising and activating gel. The hydrogen peroxide and gel are combined in the one solution by our unique formula and process – the result of which – is a very stable, long lasting and powerful broad spectrum disinfectant that is completely safe to the environment and has no unpleasant taste or odour. It is highly effective against biofilm and micro-organisms cannot build up a resistance to it.

Another important benefit of AQBON is its capacity to break down into water and oxygen for disposal down drain or into lagoon systems. AQBON can be used as a non-rinse disinfectant – apply and leave.


AQBON directly into the water.

Clear, Colourless and Odourless liquid that is easily mixed with water in all ratios. Highely effective against bacteria, viruses, moulds, Etc. Breaks down into water, Hydrogen and oxygen. eco friendly, very rapid and long lasting disinfection.Highly effective against biofilm. Stabilized hydrogen peroxide


* 5 LTR Can, 20 LTR Can