Floor Stripper

General Characteristics :

KLEENSTRIP is a liquid product formulated specifically for the removal of all types of wax or polish from most floor surfaces.  The  special blend of alkalis and surfactants work together in the softening and easy removal of aged, hard and tough polish films.


KLEENSTRIP is designed to strip a floor back to its original colour and beauty and to prepare the surface for the application of sealing and finishing materials.  Periodic stripping of aged floor finishes is the necessary part of any maintenance programme.

KLEENSTRIP contains powerful emulsifying agents which emulsifies oil and was, holding them in suspension in the liquid, making it possible to rinse off the residue easily with clean cold water.

Specifications  :

Appearance                             : Clear, water like liquid with characteristic odour

Sp gr. at 25 deg C                   : 1.02 + 0.01

Viscosity at 25 deg C

(UL adaptor, S00, 100 rpm

Brookfield viscometer)           : 3.7 + 0.05 cps

pH                                            : Highly alkaline

Areas of application :

KLEENSTRIP is useful for stripping off aged, hard and tough polish films from PVC, terrazzo tiles and marble.  After a few applications of floor polish the material layers tend to become hard and tend to become pale in colour.  The detergent helps in the combined application of stripping and cleaning the floor.

It is also advisable to use KLEENSTRIP for new floors before application of polish.

Method of application and dilution :

Pour liberal amounts of KLEENSTRIP undiluted over a workable area and spread.  Leave for 10 minutes, then scrub carefully with a nylon stripping pad or an industrial machine.  If build-up is not completely removed, repeat the procedure until the original surface of the tile is visible.  After ensuring that the floor is completely clean rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry.

It is important to ensure that all traces of the detergent have been completely removed before applying floor polishes.  For new floor preparation before polishing, it is enough to clean the floor with dilutions upto 1:10 with clean water depending upon the severity of the floor.  Here again it is a must, to rinse with clean water before polishing application.

Safety precautions :


KLEENSTRIP is highly alkaline and it is necessary to wear overalls, use rubber gloves and wear eye glasses during application.

It is necessary to have adequate ventilation as prolonged inhalation of vapours that may evolve from the product can be harmful.

In case of skin contact, remove contaminated clothing and flush with water.

In case of eye contact flood with clean water fro 15 minutes and seek medical attention if required.

In case of ingestion give plenty of water and seek medical help.

In case of spillages flush with plenty of water as solutions of KLEENSTRIP are slippery. Customers are advised not to reuse empty containers and to dispose them promptly.

Packing  :

KLEENSTRIP is available in 5 ltr cans packed four in a carton